How to Delete ERA from Posted, Pending Review

How to Delete ERA from Posted, Pending Review

Print and Do not post from ERA

Please use the following steps for Unprocessed ERAs:


  1. Login to PracticeAdmin

  2. Select the “Billing” tab

  3. Select “Launch Billing” to load Billing Manager

  4. Click on “ Payments”

  5. Click on “Payment Application”

  6. Click on “Batch” then select “Eras”

  7. In the ERA Lookup box, Select “Posted, Pending Review” and then click on the “Refresh ERA List”

  8. Double click on the ERA to open the era

  9. Check the box on the left for “Select all claims for printing”. Then select “Print” at the top toolbar to print the ERA.

  10. Click on "Delete" to move the ERA to the Unprocessed status.

  11. Return to the Era lookup box by Clicking on “Batch > ERAs”

  12. In the ERA Lookup box, Select “Find ERA by check or claim number”, enter the check #, and then click on the “Refresh ERA List”

  13. Check the box to the left of the ERA you just printed and click "Do not post from ERA".

  14. A pop-up box will appear and prompt you to mark it as manually posted, Click yes.

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