Delete Duplicate Instances of Insurance Plans

Delete Duplicate Instances of Insurance Plans

Identify and Remove Duplicate Insurance Plans


If duplicate instances of the same insurance have been created, follow the steps below to delete the instances with no patients, active claims, or employers currently assigned to the plan.

Generate the report Active Insurances under Reports > Account > Active Insurances to locate any duplicate instances by address and Payer ID. 

In Billing Manager, click Add (+) to pull up the complete list of insurance plans. Locate the duplicates, load an instance using the ellipsis (...).

Click Delete after confirming the instance (Number in parentheses/Plan ID from the report) is a duplicate.

Next, follow the prompts accordingly.

When no patients, employers, or claims are currently assigned, Delete to eliminate a duplicate instance.

If unpaid claims are linked to the instance, delete the instance after claims have been paid or transferred to patient responsibility.

When the instance is assigned to a patient, delete and reassign the patient to the remaining instance.

If a pre-authorization is assigned with the insurance plan and the instance is deleted, reassign the patient to the remaining instance, and add the pre-auth.

To avoid adding duplicate instances, search by P O Box (number only), street address (number only), and Payer ID fields in the Insurance Lookup Tool, before clicking Select Plan.

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