Changes to Adding/Editing Providers under Settings > Providers

Changes to Adding/Editing Providers under Settings > Providers

7.1.9 Provider Screen Changes
  1. Changed the hyperlink text from 'Add Provider' to 'Add Provider Profile' 
  2. Changed the 'Include Referring' label to be 'Referring Providers' and changed the filter to only list referring providers when Referring Providers radio button is checked

  1. Changed the 'Include Inactive' label to be 'Inactive Profiles' and changed the filter to only list inactive providers when Inactive Profiles is checked

  1. Added radio button for 'Deleted Profiles'

  1. Changed the 'Edit Provider' button label to 'Edit'

  1. and moved the 'Delete Provider' button to the Edit Screen. To delete a profile, select a provider from the dropdown list, click Edit, change Profile Visibility from Normal to Deleted and click Update toward the bottom of the window.

Providers read-only Profile ID is displayed on the top of the Providers form screen. Moved all Profile Attributes to one section of the Edit Screen.
Changed "Accept Assignment" and "Requires Supervision" checkboxes to radio buttons with options No/Yes/Update

Added attributes section in the upper right:
  1. 'Profile Type' with options of Billing/Referring/Scheduling. When completing the field for a new profile, populate Billing/Referring/Scheduling based on what the user has selected on the prior screen. Status to Active and Visibility to Normal.
  2. 'Profile Status' with options of Active/Inactive
  3. 'Profile Visibility' with options of Normal/Deleted

Users with access to Settings > Providers (Account Manager and SysAdmin) will be able to "undelete" a provider that was deleted in error.
Change from Deleted to Normal and click Update.

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