Billing Applet Claim Status Codes

Billing Applet Claim Status Codes

claim_status_codes from Billing Applet as of 2012-09-05
status description
0 Pre-Released
1 Released
2 EDI - Processing
3 EDI Claim Errors
4 System Errors
5 Submitted by EDI
6 Submitted by mail
7 Paid
8 Pending
9 For Review
10 Old (Txfer/Resub/W-O)
11 Resubmitting
12 Billed to Patient
13 Awaiting Pmt Processing
14 Pmt Processing Errors
15 By Patient (OS Claims)
16 Credit Balances
17 All Outstanding
18 All
19 By Patient (All Claims)
20 Import Errors
21 Collections - O/S
22 Collections - W/Off
23 Processing Errors
24 Pending Statement
25 Voided
26 On Hold
27 Pending Rebill
28 Concurrency
29 Neglected Svc Details
30 Concurrency Errors
31 Pending Ins Validation
32 Denied Svc Details
33 Pending
34 EHR Import
35 Statements not going
36 Pending Statement
37 For Client Review
38 For Billing Approval
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