Billing Applet 7.4.3 Release Notes

Billing Applet 7.4.3 Release Notes

Billing Applet 7.4.3 Release Notes
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ProviderSuite Billing Applet, version 7.4.3

PBI 1947: Added Attachment feature to Patient Notes

Ever wanted to attach an EOB, Denial Letter, or other document to a Patient in ProviderSuite? Now you can with the new Attachment feature in the Billing applet.

With Attachments, you can upload any PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or PNG file (with 20 MB maximum  file size per attachment limit) into Billing and link it to a Patient Note for easy retrieval at any time.

To use this new feature, go to ProviderSuite > Launch Billing > Patients > (select a patient) > Notes.

On the Notes screen, create a new Note linked to a Patient (not a Claim) with the Flag Type of None and then click the new Paperclip icon. You will then see a Windows Explorer window where you can browse your computer’s file system and select any PDF, TIFF, JPEG, or PNG formatted file to attach. (There can be only one attachment per note.)

Once the file is attached and the Note saved, the file name will appear just above the note contents box and also in the new Attachment column in the Note List at the bottom of the screen.

To view the attachment, select the appropriate note and then click on the hyperlinked file name. The attachment will download and will be opened by Microsoft Windows based on your particular settings, e.g. PDF files opened by Adobe Reader, JPEG opened by Microsoft Paint, etc.

To remove an attachment, select the appropriate note and click on the Trash Can icon to the right of the file name.

Other changes to the Patient Notes screen:

  1. Changed "Claim Notes" box title to "Notes”

  2. Changed "A/C #:" label to "Account:"

  3. Changed "Red Preset flag" label to “Red Preset"

  4. Changed "Popup Flag" label to "Popup"

  5. Changed "Claim:" label to "Link Note To:"

  6. Changed "Patient Note" drop-down choice to "Patient"

Made Various Usability Changes to the Today Screen

PBI 1891: Updated Formatting of AR Summary Grid

  1. Bolded the Column Headers 

  2. Adjust text justification - Aging Bucket - remains left justified ; Amount and % Total AR columns - right-justified.

  3. Amount Header changed to “Total $”

  4. Numeric format used for Total $ and % Total AR columns so that the data is displayed with commas, decimals, (and %) and is right-justified

  5. A light gray shading to every other row  (AR 31-60)

PBI 1553: Added Chart to AR Summary Grid

Added a chart to the summary grid at the bottom left of Today Screen that graphically shows the percent of each AR bucket from 0-100. (Negative percentages are treated as 0%.)


PBI 1556: Updated format of the Claim and Account Summary Grid

  1. Changed "#" column header to "Claims"

  2. Added three columns:

    1. Average $ - divides value in Total $ column by value in Claims column, displayed in $0.00 format

    2. Oldest - show DOS date from claim with oldest DOS in the bucket, displayed in MM/DD/YYYY format

    3. Newest - show DOS date from claim with most recent DOS in the bucket, displayed in MM/DD/YYYY format

  3. Bolded all column headers

  4. Except for the first column header "Claim/Account Status" (which remains left-justified), all other columns are now right-justified

  5. Applied numeric format to the Claims, Total $, and Average $ so that the data is displayed with commas and is right-justified (previously no commas and data was left-justified)

  6. Added a light gray shading to every other row starting with the second row of data

PBI 1557: Updated format of Today Screen report

The following updates were made to the report generated from the Print button on the Today Screen:

  1. Removed duplicate date from end of report header

  2. Changed # to Claims

  3. Added columns for Average $, Oldest, and Newest

  4. Changed the header of AR Summary section to AR Summary for ACCOUNTNAME

  5. Changed column header to Account

  6. Right-justified all numeric data

PBI 1555: Made Advanced Claim Management Panel Collapsible

The Advanced Claim Management panel can now be expanded and collapsed. The default state is collapsed when Billing applet is launched.

PBI 1561: Updated Claim List UI

  1. Bolded the column headers - Patient, DOS, Claim ID, Status, etc.

  2. Changed "Name" column header to "Patient"

  3. Changed "ClaimID" column header to "Claim ID"

  4. Changed "#Clms" label to "Claims"

PBI 1559: Updated Tab Style

Tab Style updated to be same as WebApp

PBI 1558: Updated Button Style

Buttons styles updated to be like buttons in the Webapp screen

PBI 1560: Removed space between label and colon on certain Today Screen fields

Removed extraneous spaces from various labels on Today Screen fields.

PBI 1784: Updated OS Bal field logic to display for all claim lists

The OS Bal(ance) field under the Claims List previously showed the sum of the open balance for the claims in the Claims List but only for certain statuses such as Bucket = All Claims and Status = All Outstanding. 

OS Bal now correctly populates for any set of claims displayed in the Claims List.

PBI 1710: Added Dates to Claim Templates

  1. Renamed feature from CPT Template to Claim Template.

  2. Added two Date fields: Service From and Service To. The date fields will default to most recent prior weekday but can be changed by user

  3. Service line details will populate with the user-entered Service From Date and Service To Date values along with the CPT/HCPCS, Units, Modifiers and Pointers for that template as configured on Settings > Account.

  4. Once a template selected, pop-up text changed to “Any Service lines will be deleted. Do you want to apply this Claim Template?”


PBI 1596: Updated Text of “Claim cannot be retrieved right now” Pop-up

When a user attempts to open/edit a recently released claim that is still in the claims processing queue, the applet now shows a message detailing how many claims are in the queue ahead of the selected claim

"This claim has been saved, but is still awaiting final processing. Until processing is completed, this claim can't be edited. The number of claims currently in the processing queue is <claimsqueuecount>. You can continue to enter new claims or edit other existing claims while this claim is being processed."

PBI 1588 & Bug 1567: Enhanced Paper Claims for Anesthesia Claims

When a released claim has both ‘Anesthesia’ and ‘Non-Anesthesia’ service lines, Print Claim no longer generates an error message due to non-anesthesia lines not having an ASA code. The printed claim no longer shows elements related to ‘Non Anesthesia’ service lines.

Bug 2005: Item 28 and Item 29 amounts now correct on multi-page paper claims

When printing a multi-page 1500 paper claim, Item 28 and Item 29 now show “CONT’D” for all pages until the final page, where they now show the total charges for all service lines from all pages in the claim.

Preliminary Pages: 

Final Page: 

PBI 1782: Added Customizable Setting for 2-digit year on Paper 1500 Claims

A new database column has been added account table, Print2DigitsInYr24A, that controls the date format used in Item 24A on printed paper claims. If this flag is turned on, then Item 24A will use MM/DD/YY formatting and, if not, it will use MM/DD/YYYY formatting.

(This flag is currently set directly in the ProviderSuite database. A user-editable checkbox will be added to the Settings > Account screen in a future release of the WebApp.)

PBI 1565: Removed Inactive Providers from ‘Providers’ drop-down menu when creating a new claim

When creating a new claim in Billing, the Provider drop-down now excludes any Inactive providers. (Inactive status set on ProviderSuite > Settings > Provider > Edit > (Active unchecked)

Inactive providers will still be available to view/edit on existing claims.

PBI 1792: Real-time eligibility check no longer returns incorrect response for dependent patients

An incorrect eligibility response of "Gateway has returned misunderstood information." was shown for certain eligibility responses because of incorrect logic in the code for situations where the patient is a dependent for a different plan subscriber.

Corrections have been made to parse batch eligibility responses correctly when patient is a dependent on subscriber.        

PBI 1934: Added Adjustment Code “05c - Vial Replacement”

Added an adjustment code per customer request - "Adjustment 05c– Vial Replacement"

PBI 2016: Updated ICD-10-CM codes with FY2020 changes

Updated ICD-10-CM Code List with all 2020 revisions. Data loaded into tables using SP BILL_ImportICD10.

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