Billing Applet 7.4.4 Release Notes

Billing Applet 7.4.4 Release Notes

ProviderSuite Billing Applet, version 7.4.4

PBI 2235: Updates to Today Screen

Claim and Account Summary Grid

Column headings changed from "Oldest" and " Newest" to "Oldest DOS" and Newest DOS" to clarify that the dates are from the Dates of Service on the claim, not the claim creation dates.

Receivables Bucket Grid

  1. Column heading "Receivables Manager Bucket" changed  to "Receivables Bucket".
  2. Column heading "Amount" changed to "Total $" to match other grids.
  3. Right-justified the numeric content of the Claims and Total $ columns
  4. Column headings bolded to match other grids.

Advanced Claim Management Panel

  1. Label "Payor Type:" changed to "Payer Type"
  2. Label "By Patient:" changed to "Patient"
  3. Label "By Facility:" changed to "Facility"

PBI 2206: Enhanced Printed Paper Claims for certain Anesthesia Claims

When a released claim has both ‘Anesthesia’ and ‘Non-Anesthesia’ service lines, the printed claim no longer shows elements related to non-anesthesia service lines, but does now show the CPT Codes on the non-anesthesia lines in Item 24D.

Bug 2223: Item 28 and Item 29 amounts now correct on multi-page paper claims

When printing a multi-page 1500 paper claim, Item 28 and Item 29 now show “CONT’D” for all pages until the final page, where they now show the total charges for all service lines from all pages in the claim.

Preliminary Page(s): 

Final Page: 

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