Add New Insurance

Add New Insurance

Add New Insurance Plan
First, research the payer ID numbers and payer information in Trizetto:

1. Go To the Claims Tab > EDI Portal.
2. Click on the Resources Tab.
3. Select the Payer list.
4. Now click the Blue link "Professional Payer" or "Institutional Payer" if applicable. 
5. Scroll down and in the white box labeled "Payer," enter a payer ID or enter a payer name.
6. Then click the create report button. 

From the Patient Demographics screen in Billing Manager

1. Click on the Insurance tab.
2. Click on the ( + ) sign to the right of "Plans," just like when you are searching for a plan in our database.
3. Search by PO Box (number only) or Street Address (number only). If you cannot locate the plan, click the button on the bottom right, "Add New Plan."
4. Please enter the payer name, address, phone number, and payer ID (for EDI claims).
5. Once you click OK, you will see a pop-up box that your request has been sent in for validation.

The PracticeAdmin Support team will then verify the information and notify you via email once validation is complete.

After you receive the validation email from the support department, please follow these steps to update your insurance list in Billing Manager.

1. In Billing Manager, click Refresh from the main menu.
2. Click Insurances to update the insurance list.
3. The new plan will be listed in the drop-down menu under Patient Demographics.

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